Tesla has unveiled plans for a human-sized robot  named “Tesla Bot”.

The human life-sized robot was teased during the company’s AI Day held in its Palo Alto headquarters, which showcased enhancements and improvements in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Musk said the Tesla Bot was made to “navigate through a world built for humans” and would be able to “eliminate dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks.”

The bot is stated to stand at 5’8” and would be able to move at speeds of up to 5 mph.

Moreover, the bot would be able to carry up to 45 lbs and deadlift up to 150 lbs. The bot would feature a screen located in its head to display useful information, and have eight cameras to navigate its environment. The machine would also come loaded with a full self-driving computer and make use of “all of the same tools we use in our cars,” including autopilot cameras and neural-net planning.

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