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Kofi Kingston backs Big E to be the face of WWE

Kofi Kingston is a big fan of WWE superstar Big E and believes his stablemate should be the face of the WWE.

Big E cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on Bobby Lashley to capture his first WWE Championship in September.

Kingston shared his thoughts with Cerrito Entertainment on Big E’s championship reign thus far and had some big words for the pro wrestler and how he should be used in the promotion.

The Former WWE champion thinks Big E should be the face of WWE

“It has been awesome, it has been beautiful, it was been emotional, you know? Because I have always said that if anyone deserves to be the face of the company, it is (Big) E,” said Kingston.

“Anyone who has come across E at a signing or seen him at a show, you have been drawn in, you have been entertained by him, you have been moved by him.

Kingston added: “If he has picked up a mic and you’ve been able to hear what’s come out of his mouth because he is one of the most galvanizing people to ever hold a mic in WWE, the way he is able to captivate people, relate to people. That is the kind of champion that the people want and the kind of champion that the people need.”

Big E is obviously a fan favorite and he has a very bright future in WWE. He currently has been enjoying life as WWE champion and soaking up all that comes with it.

Big E represents more than simply pro wrestling for the majority of his fans. He is an example for many people in life and he serves as an inspiration.

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