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NFL Legend John Madden dies at 85

Longtime NFL coach and broadcaster, John Madden, passes away at 85 years old, bringing the NFL community into mourning. 

The name John Madden has been a staple name not only in the NFL, but also in video games. He brought change to the long-time favorite EA game “Madden NFL”, helping it to stardom and success. 

Many considered Madden to embody the full spirit of American football both on and off the field, as he breathed new life into the sport that is loved by many. 

In 1976, as a coach, he led the Oakland Raiders to a championship, making him one of the most revered coaches in NFL history. The Raiders have won seven division titles under Madden and he has a winning record. 

With his influence off the field and into mainstream pop culture, Madden revolutionized the way many view NFL football today. 

In addition, his career and broadcasting propelled his popularity by being an excellent pitchman and colorful commentator. From covering games to appearing regularly in commercials.

Many have shared their memory of the larger-than-life coach and broadcaster. Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys said “I am not aware of anyone who has made a more meaningful impact on the National Football League than John Madden,” he said. “And I know of no one who loved the game more.”


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