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Sa’ Myah Smith Collapsed during presidential speech

The celebration at the White House for the LSU women’s basketball team took an unexpected and somewhat scary turn when Sa’Myah Smith, one of the players, fainted while President Joe Biden was delivering his speech to the team. It was definitely a concerning moment, but thankfully, the incident was swiftly addressed as Smith received immediate attention and was assisted out of the room in a wheelchair. In reassuring news, Tigers head coach Kim Mulkey later confirmed that the freshman forward was doing much better.

Mulkey took the opportunity to calm any worries, stating, “For those who are concerned, Sa’Myah is fine. I can assure you of that,” as reported by TMZ Sports. The LSU women’s basketball team also issued a statement that echoed Mulkey’s sentiments while providing some additional information.

According to the team’s statement, it turns out Smith had started feeling overheated, nauseous, and lightheaded during the LSU ceremony at the White House. Thankfully, she was in good hands and received attention from both the LSU and White House medical staff. Throughout the evaluation process, Smith remained conscious and communicated with the medical professionals. The evaluations yielded positive results, and she was ultimately cleared to rejoin her team.

Although it was undoubtedly a worrisome incident, the fact that Smith was able to recover quickly and return to the celebration is a relief for everyone involved. It’s a testament to the swift response and medical support provided. The White House hosted separate visits for both the LSU women’s and men’s basketball national champions, making the occasion all the more special. It had been quite some time since a college program had the chance to make the trip to Washington, D.C., due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For the Tigers, this visit held particular significance as they celebrated their first-ever national championship victory, achieved by defeating the Iowa Hawkeyes, led by the talented Caitlin Clark, back in April.

Smith played an important role throughout the championship season, contributing an average of 4.6 points and 4.0 rebounds in 14.7 minutes per game. Looking ahead, as head coach Mulkey and the Tigers strive to establish themselves as a powerhouse in the world of women’s basketball, Smith’s continued involvement will be key. For now, the Baton Rouge community can collectively bask in the well-deserved spotlight alongside their accomplished team.

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