Kendrick Perkins describes Nets star Kevin Durant as ‘sensitive’

Kendrick Perkins calls out Nets star Kevin Durant as ‘sensitive’

The differences between Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets are yet to be resolved.

The duo have been at each other’s neck for some time now, the two have engaged in more than a few war of words.

Perkins in a recent interview called out Kevin Durant, saying he is too sensitive.

Perk opined that Durant is the problem and not him.

The former NBA champion has been very critical of a lot of the current crop of players while on analysis duty on ESPN.

Perkins has been critical of more than a few players throughout the league.

So to conclude that he has a personal vendetta against the Brooklyn Nets superstar (Durant) would probably be inaccurate, considering how Perkins also labelled Durant as the “greatest scorer in NBA history“.

But Perk in a recent statement said:

“Think about this,” Perkins said about the Nets star. “I’m still cool with all my friends, everybody from the NBA family I still could call, I still go to dinner with, I still hang with, we still good people. They know I got a job to do. Except for one person. That’s Kevin Durant. So guess what? That tells me that I’m doing my job well and I’m staying loyal to my brotherhood. Especially the people that I know. Only sensitive guys get mad because you got to talk about them in the media.”

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