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Alvin Kamara reveals he has not spent one penny from his $75 million contract

In September of last year, Alvin Kamara signed a massive extension with the New Orleans Saints to the tune of $75 million. As it turns out, however, the running back has yet to spend a single penny out of that deal.

According to Kamara himself, he’s kept his money in the bank. He may have increased in stature in recent years, but he’s still sticking to his roots:

“I’ve always known the value of a dollar,” Kamara said, via NFL insider Joe Pompliano. “… As a kid, I saw my mom work multiple jobs only to be able to afford the bare essentials.”

Kamara is a smart man. While most players in the league are more than happy to blow through their multi-million-dollar contracts, the Saints star has decided to be wise with his hard-earned money.

Then again, it’s not as if Kamara is living a totally modest lifestyle. He did say that he has been living off his endorsement deals, which is certainly much more than what an ordinary man would earn. We’re not sure about the exact figure he’s pocketing from his endorsement contracts, but given his reputation as one of the top RB’s in the league, it would be safe to say that Kamara is pretty comfortable right now.

Nonetheless, his story is still one that is worth telling. We’ve all heard about the rags to riches to rags narratives of players that are unable to handle their finances properly. Alvin Kamara is clearly setting a great example here of how not to get into that type of trouble.

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