Anthony Davis rushes to the motorcycle crash site to support security guard

Anthony Davis came to the aid of his security guard after getting involved in a motorcycle accident, TMZ Sports mentions.

It isn’t fully certain that the person was indeed Davis’ security. Nevertheless, his quick response to the scene may be an indication that the person involved in the crash was indeed within his circle. TMZ added that the eight-time NBA All-Star didn’t look too happy while talking with officials. Likely, because someone close to him just got involved in an unfortunate accident.

Luckily, the individual was in stable condition and was immediately rushed to the hospital for medical attention. It is important to highlight, AD wasn’t involved in the accident at all. Though, It isn’t clear what exactly happened, the motorcycle was taken away on a tow truck, according to TMZ. No other vehicle or person seemed to be  involved in the incident.

The Lakers centre is still recovering from a calf strain injury that has kept him out of the court for a few weeks now, but recent videos has shown him looking healthy, so expect a great news regarding his comeback sooner or later.






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