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Antonio Brown’s viral video turned NFT — big money news $1.5M at auction

The news of Antonio Brown quitting on the Buccaneers mid-game went viral recently, shocking fans and the NFL world alike. In addition, the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) community caught up by turning his infamous shirt-throwing antics into a piece of art.


A recent report suggests that Brown’s meltdown at MetLife stadium could fetch up to a ridiculous amount up to 7 figures. The NFT is set to up for auction on January 13

Brown, a celebrity of his caliber, is certain to get some attention as the viral video hits auction with over 11.5 million views alone. A winning bidder could potentially pay in the area of $1.5 Million to own the 1-of-1 piece of NFL history.

The reason behind Brown’s meltdown hasn’t been entirely disclosed, but according to circulating reports. The 33-year-old wide receiver allegedly felt frustrated due to his ankle hurting him, preventing him from playing. Some rumors also suggest that it’s a built-up frustration following not getting enough targets as he approached the incentives of his contract.

Nonetheless, the incident instantly became a reason for the organization to end-ties with Brown. It is, unfortunately, making him an NFL outcast. Brown’s recent comments suggest his regrets following the gravity and consequence of his actions.

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