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Austin Ekeler not confident NFL season will happen with COVID-19 still rampant

Austin Ekeler not confident NFL season will happen with COVID-19 still rampant

NFL star Austin Ekeler is unsure whether the 2020 NFL season can go ahead as planned, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc.

The LA Chargers running back said efforts to contain the virus in a bubble environment have so far proved futile.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Ekeler said he’s ready help to make the season happen but is not too confident about the situation.

“I’m not confident in the entire system because it is so contagious,” the 25-year-old stated.

“There’s a reason we’re going through all these shutdowns and things like that. There’s not been really any progress made as far as containing this thing.”

The rising number of COVID-19 cases in the US has seen some players opt out of the 2020 NFL season.

This comes after 11 players of the Miami Marlins and two other coaches tested positive for the virus.

Ekeler said he is not thinking of opting out, but noted that he feels players are being used as lab rats to see if things would work out.

“The thing is, what I can be is just confident in myself and I know I’m going to try my best to isolate and not be around anybody,” he told TMZ Sports.

“I’m just taking it day by day and I’m not gonna say that [the 2020 season] can’t happen, but I’m just saying that we need to protect ourselves first before we can continue moving forward.”

“I think that’s what this period is right now, it’s like, in my eyes, a trial period.”

“I felt like, somewhat like a lab rat to see if this will work or not,” he added.

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