Bafetimbi Gomis collapses on the pitch again during Saudi Arabia league game

Former France international Bafetimbi Gomis sparked panic in Saudi Arabia when he collapsed on the pitch.

The 35-year-old suffers from a condition which has seen him collapse mid-game several times in his career.

But this week, Gomis left his team-mates in a state of shock after momentarily losing consciousness.

In the aftermath of a corner just 13 minutes in, the former Swansea City striker could be seen wandering back into the opposition area looking a little concerned, before stopping to place his hands on his hips and sliding forwards down to the ground.

Gomis’ collapse was due to a vasovagal syncope – whereby a trigger causes a sudden drop in heart-rate, which dramatically lowers blood pressure.

After the game, which Gomis somehow finished, the striker tweeted to reassure his followers.

He wrote: “Thanks for your many messages.

“More fear than harm. We will continue to fight for @Alhilal_FC to be champion.

“Thanks again, your lion who loves you very much.”

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