Bafetimbi Gomis collapses on the pitch again during Saudi Arabia league game

Former France international Bafetimbi Gomis sparked panic in Saudi Arabia when he collapsed on the pitch.

The 35-year-old suffers from a condition which has seen him collapse mid-game several times in his career.

But this week, Gomis left his team-mates in a state of shock after momentarily losing consciousness.

In the aftermath of a corner just 13 minutes in, the former Swansea City striker could be seen wandering back into the opposition area looking a little concerned, before stopping to place his hands on his hips and sliding forwards down to the ground.

Gomis’ collapse was due to a vasovagal syncope – whereby a trigger causes a sudden drop in heart-rate, which dramatically lowers blood pressure.

After the game, which Gomis somehow finished, the striker tweeted to reassure his followers.

He wrote: “Thanks for your many messages.

“More fear than harm. We will continue to fight for @Alhilal_FC to be champion.

“Thanks again, your lion who loves you very much.”

Isaac Darko
Isaac Darko is the lead Combat Sports writer for AfroBallers. He is an expert in Boxing, Mixed Martial Art and Wrestling reportage. Isaac is a journalist with newfound love for athlete management and digital media.

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