Battered UFC fighter tells his corner 18 times he wants to quit fight

Battered UFC fighter tells his corner 18 times he wants to quit fight

UFC is a very fierce and extreme sport and Max Rohskopf found out exactly that during his debut in the octagon.

The 25-year-old took on Austin Hubbard in a lightweight contest, but endured a very miserably outing on Saturday.

Rohskopf was so battered and bruised that he was forced to tell his corner 18 times that he didn’t want to complete the fight.

The young fighter’s coach seemingly refused to let him quit, which led to his repetitive request to bow out.

Hubbard took full advantage of his opponent’s inexperience and easily won the first two rounds of the bout.

While Rohskopf tried to fight back and had some good moments, it was obvious he stood no chance.

Rohskopf looked totally down and out before the final round, but coach Robert Drysdale wanted to rouse him to finish the fight.

He is said to have told his coach 18 times to ‘call it’ but each one was ignored until the referee intervened and finally the coach said ‘he wants to call it.’

“It takes alot more saying to stop it then carry on. Thats a good decision. He knew his limits not his corner,” an ESPN commentator said.

Another agreed: “Why did the corner make him go through that? The minute a fighter says he doesn’t want to continue they should stop it, he shouldn’t have to ask over and over again.”

A third commentator added: “This coach is selfish and is living through his fighter. You have to want to take on your path. If you don’t, you don’t.

“For this coach to not honor him, he’s putting his fighter against his will & risking his health…

“I’d expect this will be his last time he coaches him.”

Meanwhile, NSAC executive director Bob Bennett said the coach could be sanctioned for not looking out for the fighter.

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