Ben Simmons got cornrows!

Ben Simmons appears to have gotten really bored of late over life under quarantine. So much so, he tried a new hair style.

Here’s a look at Simmons’ new do courtesy of NBC Sports Philadelphia:

Ben Simmons

As Simmons implied above, he is still unsure if he is going to be rocking this hairstyle for good. Perhaps this needs a bit more getting used to for the Sixers star. Then again, he might decide to revert back to his usual do, and we might end up not seeing him in corn rows the next time he takes the floor.

Thankfully, the Reddit folks were able to capture Simmons’ IG Story featuring a full look at his corn rows. Here is the link to the clip.

Last summer, the Australian national signed  $169.7 million deal with the team that has him in contract up until the 2024-25 season. That’s certainly a huge sum, but there is no denying that for the Sixers, Simmons is worth the investment.

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