Ben Simmons tells his teammates he’s not “mentally ready” to play

Ben Simmons has finally met with Doc Rivers, Joel Embiid, and his teammates today to discuss the events that we have been unfolded over the last four months. Simmons also shared with  the team that he wasn’t mentally ready to play to his expectations and needed time to step away to focus on his own mental issues before rejoining the team.

Truth be told, Ben has not played  a single pre-season game. Now, it appears his season debut will be on hold for an indefinite period over his mental health concerns.

His teammates are on board with, for instance, Tobias Harris has publicly shared that they will respect his privacy.

After going through such a dramatic summer, Sixers fans must be hoping that things will finally get together, and it looks like it could be true. Especially after Embiid’s message prior to playing the Nets.

More to come.

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