Benjamin Menday has been removed from FIFA 22

Man City defender Benjamin Mendy has just been removed from FIFA 22. But still, FIFA 22Benjamin Mendy Ultimate Team cards can still be bought from the game’s marketplace.

Electronic Arts announced, as reported by Eurogamer, that they are removing Benjamin Mendy from Manchester City’s roster, effective immediately. However, EA confirmed as well that Mendy was not removed in the game’s initial version. This means that early access players were able to score FIFA 22 Benjamin Mendy Ultimate Team cards. EA did not remove Mendy cards from players’ inventories but instead will prevent players from scoring him from packs moving forward. History suggests that they will also not allow players to trade their Mendy cards for exorbitant amounts, either. It puts into question, however, why EA launched the game without removing Mendy in the first place, provided that Mendy has been suspended since August.

Man City defender Benjamin Mendy was suspended by his team back in August after the police charged him for four counts of rape and one count of sexual assault. He currently faces trial and is due to appear in court on November 15, before a trial in January next year. Mendy joined Man City in 2017, signing a five-year deal, but only played a total of fifty games due to injuries. With his ongoing trial, it’s unlikely we’ll see the 27-year-old defender play on either the field or in-game in the near future.


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