Bill Russell Annihilated Donald Trump’s narrative about kneeling during the national anthem

Bill Russell has shared his opinion on recent statements by Donald Trump regarding kneeling during the national anthem. It just so happens that Bill Russell is completely disagreeing with President Trump’s statement saying that kneeling during the anthem is a “blatant sign of disrespect”.

The following tweet clearly illustrates Bill’s current state of mind:

This is not the first time that Bill Russell calls out Trump, and this time he went a step further,by calling him a “coward.” Needless to say, Russell is standing (or kneeling) against Trump and everything he has been doing throughout the nationwide uprising brought about by the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police on May 25.

The 86-year-old and his wife have joined the peaceful protests, this shows that age does not matter when you have to fight for rights.

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