‘Black Lives Matter’ painted on courts ahead of NBA bubble

‘Black Lives Matter’ painted on courts ahead of NBA bubble

The NBA is all set to lead the campaign for social justice ahead of the restart of the season in Orlando.

Players, teams and officials have gathered in Disney World, with the season set to resume on July 31.

Videos from the bubble courts show the message “Black Lives Matter” boldly written on the parquet. 

Meanwhile, the WNBA will also reportedly have “Black Lives Matter” on the court.

Also, players of the WNBA will reportedly wear warm-up shirts that read “Say Her Name” when the season resumes.

Another visible new feature is the distanced seats that will serve as the bench for coaches and officials.

The NBA has many black players playing for the various teams, many of whom have spoken against racial injustice.

Most black basketball players were vocal and join in protests following the killing of George Floyd.

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