Black Tik Tok influencers are boycotting Megan Thee Stallion’s “Thot Sh*t”

Many Tik Tok dances have been created by Black Tik Tok influencers, however there is a clear lack of accreditation. The boycott is not a retaliation towards Megan, but rather a coalition over the lack of credit many of them receive for crafting viral dance trends, hence the development of the #BlackTikTokStrike hashtag.

Earlier this year, Addisson Rae took part in the Tonightt show, where she displayed a number of Tik Tok dances that were all created by black creators, and credited none. Quite a common practice, apparently…

Typically, an instant hit like Megan’s “Thot Shit” would be for a viral dance trend to quickly come out and trend—highly due to the work of Black creators—before the accreditation is lost and those who recreate the dance are given an insane amount of attention and credit. Previously released Megan tracks have received the usual TikTok treatment, including the “Savage” dance created by black creator Keara Wilson in March of last year.

To cut it short, many Black creators have recently shared to call for a strike to for greater attention to the need for their work to be appropriately credited and elevated.

Below, see a few videos of #BlackTikTokStrike in action.


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♬ Muffins In The Freezer – Tiagz


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