Bol Bol fails physical, Denver-Detroit trade voided

A recent deal was making quick waves across the NBA, as the Denver Nuggets opted to trade young-prospect Bol Bol to the Detroit Pistons, but unfortunately voided.

The deal involves Rodney McGruder and a 2022 second-round pick to Denver for Bol. 

Unfortunately, the 22-year old Sudan-born player has failed his physical with the team. Giving the Pistons to void the trade and deal with the Nuggets — which they did. 

The former Oregon Ducks big man will not be heading to the Motor City and will remain with the Nuggets up until a team decides to pick him up again. Bol has appeared in a total of 14 games for Denver this year, averaging less than five minutes per game. 

The reason and result behind the physical remain unclear and undisclosed. This could challenge Denver to potentially trade Bol again as the trade deadline approaches this season. 

The Miami Heat drafted Bol with the 44th overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. He was later traded to Denver for a future second-round pick plus cash. Being the son of the former NBA center Manute Bol, many people are eyeing the kid’s potential. 

The 7 ft 2 in unicorn of a center remains high in the potential boards, primarily because of his unique skillset. Bol’s athleticism, ability to bring down the ball and outside shooting has made him an intriguing talent to many. 

All it takes is the right team that’ll give him the right opportunity to blossom into a solid NBA player. 


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