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Botswana is awarding his Olympic medallists two-bedroom houses

Botswana has awarded the 6 members of the country’s relay team in the Olympics with a two-bedroom house.  The team finished third in the 4x400m relay  to earn Botswana’s sole medal at the 2020 Olympics.

It also happens to Botswana’s second medal ever in the history of Olympics. The first was earned one during the London 2012 Games through Nijel Amos who finished second in the men’s 800m to secure a silver medal.

This year’s race was for the Men’s 4 × 400 metres relay and the country was represented by Isaac Makwala, Bayapo Ndori, Zibane Ngozi and Baboloki Thebe. As well as two subs in Leungo Scotch and Anthony Pasela.

On top of the houses, each member of the team was awarded 50,000 Botswana pula ($4,400: £3.200) for the bronze medal and an additional 2,000 pula for setting a new Africa record.

Sports Minister Tumiso Rakgare during his welcoming ceremony speech said the two-bedroom house was “even more valuable” than the cash reward.

Rewatch clips Botswana’s race:

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