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Boxing’s Greatest Ever: Floyd Mayweather explains why he is way ahead of  Muhammad Ali

Floyd Mayweather

Opinions they say are like noses; everybody has one. American boxer, Floyd Mayweather is of the opinion that he is a better boxer than iconic Muhammad Ali.

According to the Money Man, he is the greatest boxer of all time, arguing that he ought to be rated ahead of Ali.

Mayweather is of the opinion that, Muhammad Ali does not deserve to be rated  the best in boxing for the following reasons;

That Ali lost to an inexperienced Leon Spinks. “Is Ali the same fighter that got beat by a fighter with seven fights?” Mayweather quizzed.

He also stated that Ali benefitted from two hotly-disputed decision victories in his trilogy of contests with Ken Norton.

“What’s the heavyweight guy that Ali fought three times, Ken Norton? Ken Norton really beat Ali three times, go back and look at the fights,” he said.

… I have accomplished more than every fighter in the history of boxing,” Mayweather added.

Mayweather has fought 50 times and won all his bouts, with 27 KOs.

Professionally since 2017, he has not fought but is considering an exhibition contest with YouTube sensation Logan Paul.

The 43-year-old is also keen to remain in boxing in a coaching capacity and has offered to help Deontay Wilder prepare for his third fight with Tyson Fury.

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