Brooklyn Nets in troubled waters as rotation issues arise due to health and safety protocols

Brooklyn Nets

With recent news on Kyrie Irving’s return to play for the starting line-up of the nets, news broke out that a league-high of 10 players are on the injury report status as NBA’s health and safety protocols are in place. 

“These are unforeseen circumstances, and I hate to say it, it’s almost like we’ve gone back to six months, a year ago unfortunately with the cases rising,” Nets general manager Sean Marks said.

The organization had to give a call-up to free agents James Ennis III and Shaquille Harrison, giving each a 10-day contract due to Net’s player-rotation problem. 

Steve Kerr went on to say …

“I think we have to be adaptable, flexible,” 

This seems alarming as the Net’s Big 3 reunited, unfortunately not on the court. 

Major key players such as Kevin Durant and recently go-signal Kyrie Irving join James Harden and seven under in the COVID-19 protocols.

Fellow Brooklyn Nets player Blake Griffin went on to say … 

“It’s almost like you get pulled out of class and everyone’s like, ‘Oooo,’ ”

“It’s just crazy. I don’t know how to describe it. I feel like you just walk in the locker room and look at everybody and just laugh.”

Sharing how few are left in the locker room every game.

The Nets need to act fast as they are on pace to have a three-game road trip starting Thursday in Portland. There is no room to lose any more players, as teams with fewer than 8 players will be subjected to postpone games. With that, Net’s guard Patty Mills is set to suit up for the starting PG position, whom which the nets intended to rest earlier.

The Net’s outbreak began initially when Millsap entered the protocols on Monday, then six players joined him on Tuesday. Durant had to shoulder the offensive load throughout the fiasco and depleted the roster by averaging 37 minutes. 

Now, Durant, Irvin, Harden, Aldridge, Brown, Carter, Johnson, Millsap, Bembry and rookie big man Sharpe are all in the league’s health and safety protocols due to COVID-19. 

Everything remains uncertain not only for Durant and the roster but for the franchise itself. The Nets fan base is in dire need of hope to regain their championship-favorite players on the court again. 


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