Brother of Lakers star Rajon Rondo faces ban from NBA bubble

William Rondo

William Rondo, the brother of LA Lakers star Rajon Rondo, is facing a potential ban from the NBA bubble.

This comes after William was involved in a row with Houston Rockets’ point guard Russell Westbrook on Saturday, September 12.

Despite being ejected for his actions, he is now expected to face further action by receiving a temporary ban.

Should that happen, William will neither be able to watch his brother nor any other game in the bubble involving the Lakers.

Rockets guard Westbrook got on the wrong side of the Rondos when he thrashed-talked Rajon throughout the game.

Despite the Lakers recording a 119-96 win over the Rockets, William decided to confront Westbrook on behalf of his brother.

The two were involved in a heated exchange, which is strictly prohibited per the NBA Bubble rules.

William now faces a potential ban for his actions, although he is likely to be present at the Lakers’ next game.

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