Bundesliga set to lose its fans very soon.

As the new COVID variant keeps spreading at an alarming rate throughout Europe, German authorities announce that Bundesliga matches are set to be played behind closed doors from December 28. This will effectivly begin to apply when the Bundesliga resumes on January 7.

Germany announced that from 28 December limits would return restricting private gatherings to 10 people. Football matches from that date will also be played behind closed doors.

Allianz arena football stadium in Munich - Free Image by Limitless Vision  by Roopal Aditya on PixaHive.com

“Coronavirus doesn’t take a Christmas break, ” Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Tuesday

“We cannot – and must not close our eyes to this next wave which is beginning to loom over us,” he added.


The Omicron variant is the fastest spreading variant so far and the one most resistant to the vaccine, although booster jabs do keep us more protected than the two first doses of the vaccine.

It is still unclear how long this will continue for, but this might be the right thing to do at this current moment.

There are also talks of reducing capacity in the Premier League, while in Italy we have not seen more than 75 percent capacity since the first lockdown back in March 2020.

Another round of the so-called “Ghost games” is going to take its toll on clubs’ finances once again. It is to everyone’s best interest for things t get better so fans can start returning to the stadiums.

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