Career-high for Cameroonian NBA star Joel Embiid — 50 points in just 27 minutes!

"My teammates just found me," Embiid said. "And I did the rest."

What an unbelievable performance from Joel Embiid tying his career high with 50 points and all it took was just 27 minutes.

The Process led the Philadelphia 76ers to a 123-110 win versus the Orlando Magic on Wednesday.


The Process had a sensational night making 17 of 23 in the field and 15 of 17 in the line, along with topping it with 12 rebounds and three blocks, and only managed to miss 6 of his shot attempts.

Embiid balled out throughout the game and only managed to play 58 seconds of the fourth quarter. 

“My teammates just found me,” Embiid said. “And I did the rest.”

The Cameroonian-born hooper made an impact scoring a 20-point first quarter. It was soon clear that four-time All-Star means business bringing in the W’ at home. Reminding everyone that The Process is ongoing and has no plans of slacking things off.  

“At times, I’m able to be Shaq, and whenever I want, I’m also able to be Dirk or Kobe or MJ — guards really. Shooting off the dribble, pull-ups or ball-handling…just a combination of everything offensively,” Said Embiid in an interview. 

Embiid’s coaches and teammates were quick to commend his amazing night. Especially head coach Doc Rivers. 

“50 in 27 (minutes), I think that is the most impressive. I played with Dominique [Wilkins], and I don’t know if I’ve seen that. I’ve seen Dominique score more, but it took the whole game. That was easy, quick, efficient, and determined,” said Rivers.

As for the magic, Ivorian descent Mo Bamba displayed and showcased his game with a career-high of 32 points on the opposing side. It wasn’t just simple lobs or dunks, instead an efficient 12 of 15 shooting clip along with 7 of 8 from beyond the arc. Yes! The 23-year-old behemoth center splashed some 3-pointers. Bamba’s night was the most triples made by a Magic center in franchise history.

A promising turnaround in Bamba’s career as he continues to adapt and evolve his game to match the league’s standards

Without a doubt, the Sixers and Magic came as a night to remember for both parties, showcasing one side’s dominance and the other side’s potential. Basketball fans are sure on a ride to what comes next in the postseason.

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