Carlos Tevez to donate all his salary to help fight COVID-19

Carlos Tevez

Former Manchester United forward Carlos Tevez has pledged to donate his wages to help combat the Coronavirus pandemic.

The 36-year-old has confirmed that he will sign a new six-month deal with Argentine giants Boca Juniors.

According to Tevez, he will donate everything he earns from his new contract to an NGO and to the needy.

He explained that he doesn’t need the money and will donate it to help acquire vaccines to fight COVID-19.

“The contract that Boca offered me, I will donate everything to a non-profit organisation,” he told Radio La Red, as quoted by Goal.

“Contract and bonus, so you’re going to have to lend me some money for gasoline. It will be for people who need vaccines, for soup kitchens. I don’t want to see any silver.”

The ex-Argentina international has previously called on footballers to contribute more in the wake of the pandemic.

Two months ago, he supported calls for professional footballers to take pay cuts, insisting they can live for a year even without being paid.

“A footballer can live six months or a year without receiving [wages],” Tevez told America TV in Argentina.

“We are not in the same despair as those who live with kids every day, who have to leave their house at six in the morning and return at seven in the evening to feed the family.”

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