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CNN hires Malcolm Jenkins as contributor on social justice issues

Malcolm Jenkins

New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins has joined CNN as a contributor on race and social justice issues.

The 32-year-old will, therefore, be appearing on a variety of show on CNN to discuss the aforementioned topics.

Jenkins has been very vocal against racial injustice and is an open supporter of kneeling to protest.

He recently laid into Drew Brees for saying he could never support anyone who kneeled for the national anthem.

In a statement, Jenkins said he hopes to be a great voice for athletes and to help change legislations regarding human equality.

“Having spent years running non-profits and supporting grassroots organizations to address the inequalities of our criminal justice system, educational system and disparate wealth in our marginalized communities, I believe I can be a voice for other athlete activists and those who have dedicated their lives to changing legislation, policies and reforms for human equality,” Jenkins is quoted as saying by Pro Football Talk.

“Now more than ever, the public needs to be educated on the roles of elected positions of power, such as the District Attorney, Police Chief or City Council and how to hold those individuals accountable, especially through their voice and their vote.

“In an important election year, I’m eager to join the CNN family and share my perspective as a regular contributor.”

Jenkins may not have retired from the NFL yet, but insists he will continue to fight for the marginalized even after retirement.

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