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Cristiano Ronaldo bought iMacs for each Juventus player after red card against Valencia

Cristiano Ronaldo bought iMacs for each Juventus player

It has been revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo actually bought presents for his Juventus teammates after receiving a red card against Valencia last season.

The Portuguese was sent off against the Spanish side during his Champions League debut for Juventus last season.

A distraught Ronaldo broke down after the sending off and was seen shedding tears while he walked off the pitch.

Then-Juve manager Max Allegri introduced a rule that meant any player sent off would have to provide presents for the rest of the team.

Ronaldo’s teammate Wojciech Szczesny has disclosed that the former Manchester United star bought iMacs for each player as a sort of apology after being red-carded.

“Yes, we all have an iMac. It took a very long time because he couldn’t process that red card and insisted high and low that he was not doing anything wrong,” Szczesny said on Polish talkshow “Prosto w Szczenę.

“It took him a bit, about two months of arguing, but we all have received an iMac.”

Meannwhile, Ronaldo is known for such gestures and bought a new pair of boots for each player of Portugal’s U17 women’s team when they reached the elite round of Euro 2020 qualification.

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