Crypto.com Arena will open on Christmas Day, ending the era of the Staples Center

The beloved Staple Center sports and event center has finally closed, though it was more rebranding. 

It was announced in November that Staples Center would become Crypto.com Arena. The formal announcement will be made on Christmas Day, December 25, just before the Los Angeles Lakers take on the Brooklyn Nets. 

Nostalgic netizens and die-hard fans who grew up knowing the arena cant contain how iconic the venue has been for the past two decades.  


The move would undoubtedly benefit both the Clippers and Lakers for years to come. However, it will be a big adjustment for everyone in getting used to the new name.

According to a report from ABC News, Staples Center has been bought for $700 million for the next two decades by Crypto.com. Further details are still pending. 

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