Danuel House: NBA player who sneaked woman into room apologizes

Danuel House: NBA player who sneaked woman into room apologizes

An NBA player who was sent home after violating league coronavirus safety precautions by inviting an unauthorized woman into his hotel room has apologized three months after the incident.

In early September, Houston Rockets player Danuel House was removed from the NBA’s temporary campus at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, after a female COVID-19 testing official was caught inside his room, according to Yahoo Sports.

It was in direct violation of the NBA’s protocols to protect players and staff from coronavirus while inside the quarantine area known as the “bubble.”

At the time, the 27-year-old forward and the Rockets had been inside the bubble since early July 2020, when the NBA restarted its 2019-2020 season following the initial pandemic-caused postponement. House’s removal came as Houston faced the Los Angeles Lakers in a best of seven playoff series, which they eventually lost 4-1.

“I’d like to start off by apologizing to my team and the organization and the owner for the mishap that happened in the bubble,” House told reporters this week. “I’m focused. It’s behind me It’s in the past. New year, new season. Looking forward to growing and expanding.”

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