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Deontay Wilder sends brutal warning to Tyson Fury in fresh attack

Deontay Wilder jabs Tyson Fury in latest rant

Deontay Wilder has unleashed a fresh attack on Tyson Fury and warned him he’ll need “funeral arrangements” should they fight again.

Wilder broke his long silence over the weekend and accused Fury of cheating to beat the ‘Bronze Bomber’ back in February.

The 35-year-old claimed Fury had a loaded glove then went on to speculate his water had been spiked by trainer Mark Breland in a subsequent interview, while also laying blame at referee Kenny Bayless’ door.

But in his latest chat, Wilder stated: “Inside I got words that might not even be comfortable for ears to hear, and you know what I mean.

“The reason I draw my sword in the ring is to live by it and to die by it. He on the hit list. That’s what I want.

“They know they can’t beat me fair and square. He can’t. he knew that from the first time.

“The second time they did what they had to do and they still couldn’t keep that black man down.

“You didn’t knock me out. My trainer saved you because he was a part of that s***. The referee saved you because he was a part of that s***.

“The people around in the vicinity saved you because they were a part of that s***. I want them bad, I want them bad.

“And when I get them, because I’mma get them, you better make the funeral arrangements.

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