Donald Trump, Jay Z and 19 girlfriends – A throwback at Mike Tyson’s 30th birthday bash

A throwback at Mike Tyson’s 30th birthday bash

Legendary boxer marked his 54th birthday on Tuesday, June 30, 2020, in what has been an eventful life.

Iron Mike is likely to have had a great celebration, but nothing he did would have amounted to the party he had during his 30th birthday.

In his autobiography, Undisputed Truth, revealed that he “spent a fortune flying in friends from all over the country and putting them all up in a nearby hotel”.

And that list of guests had the likes of Donald Trump, renowned rapper Jay Z and television personality Oprah Winfrey.

The former world champion also admitted to inviting 19 “lady suitors” to the said birthday party.

“We had 13 different chefs, each one cooking in their own kitchen. Everyone from Oprah to Donald Trump to Jay-Z to street pimps and their hos were there. There was a guy hand-rolling cigars,” he recalls.

“You entered the house on an actual red carpet. Once you got past the 40 big Fruit of Islam bodyguards stationed outside.

“I was so egomaniacal that I reserved the 19 bedrooms in my house for girls who I wanted to sleep with. I actually told Crocodile, ‘See all these girls? They’re mine.'”

It’s fair to say that was quite a birthday party that may never be seen anywhere in the world.

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