Nigerian Tech Entrepreneur Dozy Mmobuosi is close to acquire Sheffield United

Nigerian Billionaire Dozy Mmobuosi is attempting a £90 million takeover of english football club Sheffield United. The technology entrepreneur is reported worth £7 billion dollars, according to Matt Lawson from the Times.

Sheffield United have been facing financial struggles and consecutively have been urged to a transfer embargo last month due to a failure in paying another club for a player.

Therefore, current owner Abdullah bin Musaid al Saud has put the club for sale and according to reports from the Time Dozy Mmobuosi may be in the final stages of acquiring the Yorkshire club.

Dozy Mmobuosi launched Tingo Mobile PLC in Nigeria in 2001, an agri-tech company aimed to help farmers in Africa manage their sales thanks to their smartphones. He has since then launched other successful ventures aimed at improving the lives of Africans.  In 2021, he launched the Dozy Mmobuosi foundation aimed at promoting the progress of Africa.




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