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FIFA 21 to feature real life referees like Mike Dean

FIFA 21 to feature real life referees like Mike Dean

If you are a football fan cum gamer, then the FIFA 21 game will serve you the perfect gaming experience.

You can now take your anger out on the referees by their name, as the game is set to feature real life referees.

Renowned English referee Mike Dean and others have been added to the FIFA 2021 game in real life.

Also, another introduced feature is the fact that an advantage can be stopped even if the referee chooses to give it.

Interest in the FIFA 21 has been rising in recent weeks, following the announcement that Kylian Mbappe will be on the cover.

“New real world Referees are being added, Mike Dean has already been spotted,” FUTDonk tweeted

“There is now an ability to instantly stop for a free kick during a period where the referee has given advantage.”

Meanwhile, the Career Mode has seen the reintroduction of the feature which allows managers to sim matches.

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