Footballer collapses and dies during a game.

Sofian Lokar, 30, collapses and dies during a game.

World football is mourning after the tragic death of 30 year old Sofian Lokar. On Christmas day during an Algerian second division game between Mouloudia Saida and Oran, Mouloudia Saida’s captain colided with his own goalkeeper in the 26th minute.The team’s medical staff treated the 30-year-old and declared him fit to continue on with the game.

However, just nine minutes later he collapsed on the ground. Despite the paramedics’ best efforts, they couldn’t save Lokar and he sadly passed away. Reports state that he suffered a heart attack.

His devastating death comes just a couple days after 23-year-old Croatian Marin Cacic passed away. After collapsing during training and being rushed to hospital, doctors diagnosed him with heart failure and placed him in induced coma. However, efforts to save the defender were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead on Friday 23 December.

Over the past few months, such incidents have started occuring more and more all over the world. During the Euro 2020, Christian Eriksen’s collapse rocked the world. The former Inter playmaker survived after team doctors successfully used a defibrillator. In October this year, Sergio Aguero walked off the field during Barcelona’s match against Alaves due to a breathing issue.He was later diagnosed with arrhythmia, leading to his retirement from football at the age of 33.

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson spoke about the intesity of the fixture schedule this week and Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola believes a player strike could be on the cards.



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