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Former QB Turned Activist, Colin Kaepernick, Compares NFL To Slavery, LITERALLY.

via The Los Angeles Times (Marcus Smith / Netflix)

Former NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick is now a full-time activist, who just added filmmaker to his bio. In a new documentary style film, Kaepernick explores his experience in the NFL, from his distinct perspective. It questions the tactics and systems in place on every level of the NFL. The film premiered on Netflix on October 29.

Since its release, it has been a media frenzy. Kaepernick very explicitly compares the NFL to enslavement, going even further to say the process is literally slavery, in the modern era, juxtaposted to powerful imagery to state his claim.

With very stark reactions coming from all sides, it is an understatement to say he has incited some strong feedback. But one thing is for sure, Kaepernick has leaned all the way in, and his newfound voice, in the world of activism, is being heard, loud and clear.

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