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francis Ngannou is unhappy with the way UFC is negociating his next uFC fight against jon jones

All the UFC fans are fantasizing about a Ngannou-Jon Jones fight, but the UFC does not seem to be on board with the idea. The Cameroonian fighter took to Twitter to express his frustration with how the organization is handling his next fight:

Ngannou’s comments hint that even if the UFC is on board with the fight, they aren’t ready to pay well for it. Jon Jones too has also expressed concerns at how the UFC is doing business. On his Twitter page, he even hinted at a hiatus from the sport. 

No one knows what the fighters demanded. But, it is known fact from the class action lawsuit UFC faces that they pay roughly 18% of gross revenue annually to fighters. This means that if they are being miserly here, that’s very on-brand.

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