Iman Shumpert wanting to go back in the NBA, “Tryna see what we can get done”

Iman Shumpert becomes first NBA star to win 'Dancing With the Stars'

After his short and successful stint in ‘Dancing With The Stars’, TMZ caught up with former NBA champion Iman Shumpert. 

It was clear that he had the moves as he was fresh off winning the 30th season of DWTS, but when asked about bringing his game back into the league…

All that Shupert got today was, “Tryna see what we can get done,” he said, “I love basketball. I never stopped playing.”

Watch the full scoop below. 



In fact, Shumpert last appeared on a court instead of a dance floor during the first quarter of the year. The Brooklyn Nets saw little use of him during his time with them and have occupied himself with other things since then. 

Shumpert believes he still has a lot left in the tank. Can we still expect a night-out 3 pointer from him that he delivered when he won with the Cavs? We will have to wait and see if a team will need his services as the season progresses. 


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