In His 19th Season and Still Dominating The Game!

Averaging 30 points 8 assists and 7 rebounds in his last 8 games, Lebron James is still among the very best in the league, even in his 19th season and at 37-years old. Only two active players remain from the 2003 NBA Draft Class, LBJ, and Carmelo Anthony and the King is still pressuring 20-year-olds.

All credits go to @JxmyHighroller on Youtube

Lebron has maintained a steady career performance for over a decade when pitted against the Greats of Kareem, Kobe, and Malone respectively. As the most hyped NBA Prospect since Kareem and even dubbed “The chosen One” Lebron has lived up to the title and maintained a whopping 25+ points per game for 18 out of his 19 seasons. A feat achieved by no other.

By the time Lebron is to retire, it is expected that he will have made 41,000 career points, 12,000 total career rebounds, and 12000 career assists,  Kilometres ahead of Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul Jabaar, Kobe Bryant, and Karl Malone who each have made an astonisihing 30,000 career points, 5000 career rebounds, and 5000 assists. As much as the King may not be the Deadshot- sharpest 3pt shooter like Steph or Harden, Ultimate rim defender like Tim Duncan, swift handler like Iverson, he has proven to be more than efficient in all of these categories with an A+ rating (The best all-around player of all time, and he still going on- full throttle!



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