Irving is angry at Schröder for calling him the N-Word

The Lakers are currently playing without LeBron James (high ankle sprain), Anthony Davis (calf strain), Kylwe Kuzma (calf strain), Wes Matthews (achilles) and Marc Gasol (hamstring tightness). This means that Schroder and the Lakers had to hang to beat Kyrie, KD and the rest of the Nets’ roster.

At the beginning of the third quarter, at 9:41 to be exact, Irving started throwing words at Schroder. Dennis didn’t seem to particularly engage with Irving, but both players received technicals and were separated and ended up being ejected. Kyrie Irving took his thoughts to Twitter and is unhappy with what Schroder had called him.

The racial slur still holds a lot of meaning and has a sad history. Kyrie Irving says he has stopped using the word altogether, as he states that it should be thrown “out the window.”

Dennis Schroder hasn’t said anything since the argument with Kyrie Irving on Saturday night.


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