The Memphis Grizzlies took on the Miami Heat and Andre Iguodala on Tuesday. The team from Tennessee ended the four-game winning streak of the Miami Squad. It was an opportunity for the Grizzlies to get revenge on Iguodala, who refused to play one minute for the team after being traded to the franchise by the Warriors.

Iguodala’s refusal to even report to the Grizzlies stuck with the players of the Grizzlies, particularly Brooks and 2010-20 Rookie of the year Ja Morant. After their win over the Heat, both responded to the “controversial” faceoff against Iguodala.

Morant and Brooks did not say much about Iggy, however you could clearly see that they were pleased to have ended the Heat’s winning streak.

Brooks was the top scorer for the Grizzlies, with 28 points. Morant had to leave the game early due to an hip injury, but still ended with 10 points and four assists in 29 minutes.

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