Jamal Murray takes blame for Nuggets’ loss to Clippers in Game 3

Denver Nuggets shooting guard Jamal Murray has taken responsibility for his side’s Game 3 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Nuggets were on a good run after Game 2 but fell to a disappointing 113-1-7 loss to the Clippers.

The game was completely dominated by Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, leaving the Clippers in wonderland.

Speaking in the aftermath of the game, Murray took the blame for the loss after a rather quiet outing from him.

The 23-year-old had just 14 points and couldn’t convert for the Nuggets during some key points of the game.

“I missed so many shots. I just gotta be better,” he said, as quoted by USA Today’s Mike Singer. “I put that game on me.”

Meanwhile, the Nuggets are now on 0-6 in the playoffs in the past two years when Murray scores 15 points or less.

And he will need to be at his next if the Nuggets are going to be able to go past the Clippers.

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