Kevin Durant is coming back after two months out

Shams broke the news, KD is back! Due to a hamstring injury, the 2-time NBA champion was out for nearly two months!

As a reminder, KD joined the Nets, right after a terrible achilles injury, which forced him to sit out the entire 2019-20 seasons.

KD’s coming back could not come at any better time as James Harden has also recently got a hamstring injury, Durant’s coming back is therefore very important to avoid creating any potential void in the Beard’s absence. It is crazy to think that… WE HAVE BARELY SEEN THE TRIO OF DURANT, JAMES HARDEN AND KYRIE IRVING PLAYING TOGETHER!

Despite all the drama, the Nets have a healthy record of 35-16 and sit at the top of the Eastern conference.

Watch this video of KD to remember how lethal he is:



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