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Klopp unhappy of AFCON date

The Confederation of Africa Football (CAF) has revers the 2021 African Cup of Nation tournament from June -July 2021 in Cameroon to January -Febuary 2021. The tournament which normally comes on January-to February every two years, has to be moved to June July because of the complained of the European teams and how some African players are unable to honey the tournament because of busy of the European season.

CAF President Amad Hamad following a meeting held with the Organizing Committee of African Football on Wednesday came out to announced that the Africa Cup of Nation Tournament which initially supposed to come on June July has been shifted to January 9 to February 6, 2021 in Cameroon. In a statement released by the Organizing Committee of the tournament has indicated that, the tournament has to be change from its initial month to January due to the complained by the host Nation (Cameroon).

According to the organizers ,the host Nation (Cameroon) has officially written to the tournament Organizing Committee to complained about the climate condition in the country during June July. In Cameroon, during this month it rain in the country and because of that the tournament is likely to loss that attraction the Organizing Committee is expecting from the Nation. The Organizers also said in the summer the climate could force a lot of football matches to be rain off.

This has raised a lot of questions from football faternaty as to why CAf knowing all this thing has to change the tournament from January to June in previous years.This decision will affect European teams which depend on Africa players. Team like Liverpool, which have current Africa best player Sadio Mane from Senegal, Mohammed Salah from Egypt, Nabi Kata from Mail and Matip from Cameroon are all going to be miss from Liverpool squad. So the question every football fan is asking, Is Liverpool going to allow this players to come participate in the Africa Cup of Nation? Knowing very well that Liverpool has won the English Primer League since 30 years ago and are betting on braking that records this year.

Clearly this decision is not going to go down well with the Europeans teams and Africa players plying they trade in Europe. This Africa players lose their position anytime they come to play in AFCON and some carry injuries to their teams. Formal Manager of Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson ,sometime ago don’t want to buy Africa players because of fear of losing them during African Cup oF Nation.

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