LA Lakers welcome back NBA fans for first time in over a year

Los Angeles fans took advantage of relaxed rules on attending sporting events on Thursday with a limited number of spectators allowed into Staples Center for the first time in over a year to watch the Boston Celtics beat their Lakers 121-113.

Thursday night was the first time that NBA fans were allowed to watch a game in person at Staples Center since March 10, 2020, when the Lakers lost 104-102 to the Brooklyn Nets.

Health officials in Los Angeles County recently relaxed Covid-19 restrictions, clearing the way for about 2,000 people to pass through the turnstiles.

The first of the lucky few that managed to snag tickets began arriving outside the arena in downtown Los Angeles a couple of hours prior to tipoff.

That included season ticket holder Timothy Ferguson who says he was tired of watching games on TV.

“There’s nothing like live. I mean we watch it on our wide-screen at home but there’s nothing like live,” Ferguson said.

Denise Fernandez liked the idea of watching a game unobstructed and being able to stretch out in her seat.

“I was telling her to come,” said Fernandez who convinced a friend to come along. “No one will be standing in front of her, she won’t have a problem seeing. I think it’s cool no one will be around us.”

Some fans also filled up the outdoor patios at nearby restaurants and bars across the street from Staples.

Scalpers were selling tickets for $300 each.

Even though it didn’t show on the scoreboard, Lakers coach Frank Vogel said they got a boost from the cheering section.

“When you get energy like you get tonight it feels good,” Vogel said. “Hopefully we will be at capacity at some point.”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said he hopes to eventually get the number of fans up by having fans show a “vaccine passport”.

Los Angeles County has had one of the worst outbreaks of Covid-19 in America with over 23,000 deaths and 1.23 million cases and counting.

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