Lakers’ Star Lebron James slapped one game suspension, Pistons’ Isaiah Stewart out for two in light of recent physical altercation

On Sunday, hot waters started to brew between the Lakers-Pistons clash as Lebron James and center Isiah Stewart were both restrained due to a physical altercation at the paint during an in game free throw.

Following thorough investigation by the NBA, James’ 19-year clean record career was finally tainted after receiving a one-game suspension and a hefty fine of $284.004 as a result of the in-game brawl. As for Detroit’s bigman Isiah Stewart, his retaliation came at the cost of receiving a two-game suspension and a paycheck cut of $45,201. 

Neither James nor Steward gave their personal remarks after the game, which L.A. ultimately won. Nonetheless, fellow coaches and teammates weren’t shy to give their opinions. Stating their views of how things escalated unexpectedly and was overall non-intentional. Here’s how the two opposing players battled it out.

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