League’s towering big man feud finally ends, Karl-Anthony Towns sends support to Joel Embiid’s return from COVID-19

"I really thought I wasn't going to make it. It was that bad" — Joel Embiid after COVID-19

Some things are just beyond basketball, as towering Sixers center Joel Embiid made his return after contracting COVID-19 and, to the surprise of everyone, dropped 42 points and 13 rebounds.

A post-game interview with Karl-Anthony Towns was quick to share his sentiment in seeing Embiid back on the court along with a monstrous game.

Towns went on to say:

“I’m very happy he’s come to the other side of COVID. We’ve had our thing for a while, but that’s bigger than basketball. It’s bigger than what we have. I’ve seen it kill people. But I’m glad he’s on the other side.”

Embiid, who hasn’t played on the court since Nov. 9, was immediately dealt with by the NBA’s strict health and safety protocols but was further out after being symptomatic. Fortunately, he was able to make it back and was thankful. Embiid went on to say, “I really thought I wasn’t going to make it. It was that bad”

As for Towns, his message was filled with empathy towards Embiid despite their rivalry on the court. COVID-19 impacted Town’s personal life, taking a lot of his beloved away during the pandemic, including his mom. Their feud finally laid to rest as his sentiment is just way bigger than the life of basketball.

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