LeBron James wants players to take Black Lives Matter protests into NBA season

LeBron James wants players to take Matter protests into NBA season

NBA superstar LeBron James has called on his colleague players not to simmer with protests against racial injustice as the season resumes.

The NBA season resumed in Orlando on Thursday, with the Los Angeles Lakes urging rivals Los Angeles Clippers.

The game saw staff of both teams take the knee during the pre-match anthem to show their solidarity to persons of colour.

The other game between the Utah Jazz and the New Orleans Pelicans also saw the similar outpour of support.

Reacting to this, James said such actions must continue in other to ensure that Black people are given their rightful standing.

He explained that, the reason why past protests have failed, was because they let their foot off the gas too early.

“In the past when we’ve seen progress, we’ve let our foot of the gas a little bit. We can’t do that.

“We want to keep our foot on the gas,” the LA Lakers star said, as quoted by the BBC.

Black Lives Matter protests have gained global support following the murder of George Floyd in May.

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