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Luxury Green

        One of the best passer, elite defender and high iq player in the league, Draymond Green is a luxury to have for the Golden State Warriors. The 6’6 point forward / center for Golden State who is 3x champion, former DPOY , 2x gold medalist, and first ballot HOF is having a tremendous season so far. Averaging 8pts , 8rpg , and 8 ast this season, the lead candidate for DPOY this season Draymond is playing superb on both ends of the court. Here’s a clip breakdown from hoop clutch from last night’s game against the Miami heat.

First play, for the defensive rebound Wiggins tips the ball to Damion Lee. Lee passes the ball to Draymond, and you have three warriors in transition on a fast break. Draymond in the middle pushes the tempo and two scorers in Jordan Poole and Damion Lee. Poole is already ahead to the basket for layup and gives them the point.

Second play, Kyle Guy brings the ball up, lee is on Tyler Herro. Herro is relocating to the perimeter. Pj Tucker sets the screen for a switch. Otto Porter Jr reads the play, switches to tucker and alerts everyone that Herro is going to the perimeter then Draymond switches on to Herro. Herro crossover dribble to create space forcing to make a tough shot, Green contests the shot Wiggins get the rebound passes it Lee. Draymond is in the post with a smaller defender Herro on him. Corner defender sees this leaving his assignment Poole wide open. Lee passes the ball to Draymond. Draymond passes the ball to Poole for the open three. 

Third play, Herro brings the ball up and calls for a screen while lee is set to guard him. Herro rejects the screen and swiftly passes the defender but Draymond is right in front of him for the steal from herro. He passes the ball to Porter Jr for the two and one fast break. Porter passes it to Wiggins for the slam dunk finish. 

“I think If you want to put someone in the MVP conversation, he’s someone to me… Maybe the numbers don’t match up to some of the numbers that some other guys put up…He just does it his way.”- head coach of the Utah Jazz Quin Synder said in a press conference ahead of Saturday night’s game against Golden State by Mark Haynes.

Draymond is one of the smartest players in the league. With his playmaking ability, defend anyone from 1-5, disrupting the other team’s play by reading and reacting. Also overseeing the offense and defense golden state runs while he’s on the floor makes the Warriors even more elite and more tough for 29 other teams.

Golden state warriors last night defeated a short-handed Miami Heat by 115-108 at Chase center. Draymond had 5pts , 8 reb and 13 ast. 10 of those assists were made in the first half alone with no turnovers. It’s the “Draymond Green Effect” as he likes to shoutout. They currently hold the best record in the league now in 29-7. Ranked number one in team defense and ranked 5th in offense. 





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