Mario Balotelli chooses Africa and South America as his next destination after Brescia’s exit

Former Manchester City striker Mario Bawrwuah Balotelli has revealed his next destination since his contract with Italian club Brescia has been terminated.

Balotelli who joined Brescia from Olympic Marseille on a free transfer last season, failed to return to training ahead of Serie A’s restart this month. Because of that, the club decided to cancel Balotelli’s contract.

According to the striker, “My next move should be out of Europe. I should be off to Africa or South America. At least there I have something in common with people. My skin will be healed from all abuse it has suffered. I won’t go there to play for big money, It’s more about fresh air and mind relaxing. In Europe, I have lost passion. Even going to training is a burden. Money aside, happiness forward.”

The 29-year old cried during a football match between AC Milan and Napoli after he was racially abused by the fans of Napoli and suffered racism again when the supports of Lazio mention his name to abuse him for being black in Brescia’s 2-1-win home defeat. Shame on you: ‘Balotelli slams Lazio fans for the racist abuse”.

Former Liverpool and Manchester City striker signed a three- year contract with his home town club last year after they earned a promotion to the top flight for the first time.

According to Sky sports, Balotelli was involved in a row with the Brescia President, Massimo Cellino, after the striker did not return to training when COVID 19 restriction was eased in the country.

The report feather stated that Balotelli’s was offered a consensual termination, which he refused, and the club then sent a letter to his lawyer saying his contract would be ended.

The player of Ghanaian descent has played for so many teams in Europe and has now announced to join a team in Africa or South America due to racism.

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