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Mel Tucker bags the big ones, $95 million – 10 year to remain with Spartans

"Mel Tucker has been an outstanding addition to our Spartan Athletic program," university president Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D.

This news instantly made headlines as the contract was further disclosed to include a “non-performance related pay amounting to $9.5 million a year, a $5z9 million base, $3.2 million compensation pay for media and personal appearances, and a $400,000 contingent bonus. The contract is yet to expire until the year 2032.

Coach Tucker released a recent Twitter statement to show how grateful he is to spearhead the Michigan State football program to success. Read his statement below.

Five days before the big news, Coach Tucker was able to lead the Spartans to a massive 56-7 decision at Ohio State — his second loss in his recent three games after their 8-0 winning season opener. Nonetheless, the Spartans were headstrong with their 9-2 standing, earning them part of the top four in the playoffs rankings before dropping off.


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